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Our Valuable Team Members
Profile photo of Dave Buelow

Dave’s greatest satisfaction in life has come through helping others reach their maximum potential. These accomplishments have come both in the form of helping others make their businesses a success as well as providing employees with the opportunity and mentorship to advance within his companies.

Profile photo of Tom Cross

Tom has been in the business law practice for over 40 years. The ability to explain the legal ramifications of each circumstance in a fashion that is easily understood by our clients and relating those truths directly and inoffensively is the gravamen of the business attorney

Profile photo of Beverly Everson

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” For the most part Beverly does not believe in luck, but that hard work will ensure that whatever the project from a refinance to a closing on a new development, hard work to ensure a successful outcome. This naturally must go hand in hand with a good dose of creativity.

Profile photo of Alexandra Harroun

Alexandra graduated from Hamline University with a degree in Legal Studies, Business Management, and acquired an American Bar Association approved paralegal certificate.

Profile photo of David Klink

David Klink is a business attorney with broad experience in banking, business, and real estate law. He represents clients in connection to commercial financing, property tax appeals, eminent domain actions, landlord-tenant matters, creditor-debtor actions, employer-employee matters, and other business matters.

Profile photo of Thomas Knecht

Thomas Knecht is an attorney specializing in commercial litigation. His practice focuses on representing entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals involved in business disputes. He also practices real estate litigation, notably in home disclosure disputes, and advises nonprofits.

Profile photo of Samantha Malik

Samantha is the Managing Paralegal at Bridge Law Group, Ltd.

Profile photo of Jennifer Manthana
Jennifer Manthana

Jennifer gets real joy out of life when she watches her children play basketball or soccer. It’s her favorite way to take advantage of her “free time,” something rare when you have four kids, pets, a job, and a home. Jen says that it’s her kids that she considers her finest accomplishment.

Profile photo of Sam Stern

Sam Stern has been an attorney for nearly 40 years. He practices primarily in the area of business law, representing a range of clients from entrepreneurs to “mom and pop” operations to large corporations.

Profile photo of Ben Ziemann

Ben is a dedicated business attorney focused on banking, real estate, corporate, and small business transactions. He represents clients buying or selling a business, entity selection and formation, probate and estate planning, landlord-tenant matters, finance, and a variety of other business matters.