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Bridge Law Group, Ltd. offers aggressive, efficient and personalized representation to clients entrusting us with their legal issues. We represent all sizes of businesses, and their owners, in transactional matters, proactive legal strategy, dispute resolutions and debt collection actions. We also represent individuals and assist in addressing their employment, real estate and estate planning concerns. Bridge Law Group clients represent a wide variety of economic sectors, including financial, manufacturing, oil and gas, real estate, construction and commodities. While most our services are provided in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we hold a license to practice in California and work with local counsel to represent clients in other jurisdictions.

What distinguishes Bridge Law Group from other law firms?

Our relationship with our clients begins with our deeper understanding of what our clients want from their lawyers, both within and outside the practice of law. Another differentiation from most practitioners comes from the knowledge many of our attorneys gained from being business owners and experiencing the humility of dependency on lawyers and on the dictates of a well-meaning, yet imperfect legal system. Our clients look to Bridge Law Group for freedom from the anxieties and outside interruptions suffocating their ambition and creativity, which made them successful in the first place.

How does Bridge Law Group reduce these anxieties and interruptions to take the pressure off?

We begin with a core value that is shared by the entire Bridge Law Group team: the client is everything; everything is about the client.

Second, we recognize the complexity of our clients’ needs, and actively direct them to holistic solutions. We do not view ourselves merely as document drafters or litigators; we actively care about achieving our clients’ objectives.  This often involves stepping away from applicable core legal issues and broadening the focus to look at an overall best solution for a client.

Third, we adapt the way we work to best suit each client, not the other way around. The last thing clients have time for is to adapt to their lawyers’ customary way of doing things. For example, if a client wants to know the legal game plan in a simple summary form, then Bridge Law Group uses the requested format to deliver information, regardless of the usual style of the lawyer. 

Fourth, we know that time necessarily invested in a transaction, dispute and, worst case, litigation is inherently disruptive for clients. From the client’s perspective, work leading up to a transaction is a necessary evil to the real business objective, which is the actual transfer of goods and services. Disputes and, certainly, litigation sap creativity and entrepreneurial drive; nobody in the world went into business to spend their time preparing for a trial. Bridge Law Group engages in several practices to ease disruptions and minimize litigation.

From the first time that we speak with the client we work hard to get our hands around their objectives by taking the time to actively listen and ask questions, rather than just starting the clock and diving into due diligence and drafting documents. Another practice, unless our clients direct otherwise, is to never negotiate the parties’ business agreement nor to otherwise “over-lawyer” the legal terms. Lastly, if the other party’s counsel is impeding the progress of the matter, we promptly remedy this by scheduling a conference call with all parties and their counsel to discuss the points of contention. This usually quickly puts the transaction back on track.