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Competitive Rates

Our hourly rates are competitive with other law firms that provide similar services.

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Our fees are reasonably predictable because we provide our clients with a game-plan of the work to be provided with the likely fees that typically result.



We promptly consult with our clients when circumstances change, requiring more work or different work that may impact fees.

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Personally-Funded Education

We don’t charge for general research or “attorney education” to bring our attorneys up to speed on legal fundamentals. One of the reasons we hold true to this policy is that we rarely hire lawyers directly out of law school as many of our competitors do.

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Efficient Staffing

We staff projects as thinly as possible to maximize efficiency.

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No "Over-Lawyering"

We don’t over-lawyer; we are paid to make judgments about the proper level of diligence given the client’s budget and priorities.

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We are flexible in our fee arrangements and will use project fees rather than hourly fees where appropriate.

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